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In the heart of Western Mass, Northampton has long been home to a very vibrant music scene with a deep love for jam bands and groove projects. Mammal Dap has been central to that culture for several years, bringing an incredible amount of talent, energy and vision with their music.

Colin Jalbert lays down some really tight rhythms on the drum kit. I can hear the influence of Andrew Barr of The Slip in his playing style. Zack Cross is a force to be reckoned with on the keyboards. He knows when to get crazy and when to reel it back in. Killian Karlsson is always pushing the sound to higher levels on the electric guitar with mind-blowing leads. Their new bass player Reed Sutherland has jumped right in and lays down a solid bottom end.

Most of these guys studied jazz at music school. They’ve focused on taking that knowledge of the past and combining it with new and innovative sounds of the future. Zack Cross said of their influences, “…artists like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Weather Report, anyone willing to push the boundaries of genre to create something really awesome and fresh-sounding. Hip-hop and R&B is definitely a major influence as well, the way the vocals interact with the beat in that music inspire a lot of the rhythms we use in our melodies.“

Mammal Dap continues to impress with their new release, “Deep Field”. It’s a sonic tour through various dimensions of the universe. It’s like a kaleidoscope of sound that is rotating constantly through your field of vision. Zack said, “The thing we seem to hear the most from first time listeners is that we sound like video game music, which we are totally fine with. It’s like if you took that and mixed it with cinematic indie rock, then added a little Prince!”

When asked about the coming year Zack responded, “We are going to be on tour through Spring/Summer of 2017 in support of “Deep Field”. Fans can find all the details about that on our website, mammaldap.com. We’ve got a few music videos for the songs from that EP that we want to make, and we also have at least 9 or 10 completely new songs that nobody’s even heard yet, so we may even have more new music for y’all coming soon!”

I’m excited to see these guys continue to grow as a band and constantly push the envelope of their sound. Their live show bursts with a kind of energy that you just can’t contain in a CD. I’d recommend getting on the Mammal Dap train early – these guys are the real deal.

Tom Matthew

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